Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Souled - Redux

Souled (previously titled Souled to the Only Bidder) is being revised. Originally the story was written for submission to the Writer's Digest Short Short Story Contest (under 1500 words). Although I like the story (albeit around a somewhat tired premise) I thought it contained a few fresh ideas on an old theme. After careful examination I realized it just wasn't that good. The construction of the story was pretty poor and I just didn't want something to stay posted that I'm not proud of. Currently it has mushroomed to 8000 words, with work still to be done. It is barely past the second draft stage so it may take some time to repost. I wanted to thank Michael Brown for his comment and encouragement and I hope that all will enjoy when I get it back up on the blog.

1 comment:

  1. Don't do it, Cameron. Money isn't everything. True love is closer to heaven than money will ever be. And this is a hot tale.
    Hey, I tagged you over on my blog to see if you were interested in contributing to a chain of flashes, well, continuing story. Take a look, won't you (and don't be shy about leaving a comment.)
    BTW, I'm not just trying to get your attention. I really do think your hot story is cool!